Melrose police warn of scam calls using department’s caller ID

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MELROSE — The Melrose Police Department issued a scam alert Monday after receiving multiple reports of fraudulent calls made to residents from someone posing as a police officer using a “City of Melrose” caller ID.

According to authorities, the scammer has been calling local residents, requesting personal information, and falsely claiming that the call recipients have outstanding warrants.

The Melrose Police Department is urging the community not to provide any personal information over the phone.

Officials emphasized that the police department does not call individuals to solicit personal information or to notify them about warrants in this manner.

Residents who receive such calls are advised to hang up immediately.

Anyone with concerns or who may have fallen victim to the scam is encouraged to contact the Melrose Police Department’s business line at 781-665-1212 to report the incident or to seek assistance.

The department is actively investigating the fraudulent calls and reminds the public to stay vigilant against potential scams.

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