Lexington police seize handgun from school staff member’s vehicle at Estabrook Elementary

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LEXINGTON — Police responded Wednesday morning to a report of an unattended handgun inside a vehicle at Estabrook Elementary School.

At about 9:05 a.m., the Lexington Police Department was alerted to the presence of the firearm, which was visible in a holster on the front passenger seat of the parked car.

Officers quickly collaborated with the school’s administrative staff to locate the vehicle’s owner, who was confirmed to be a member of the school’s staff.

The staff member, who held a valid Massachusetts License to Carry Firearms, acknowledged ownership of the handgun and conceded that it was mistakenly left in the vehicle.

Both the firearm and the license were confiscated by police, and the staff member has been suspended pending further investigation.

Charges are being filed against the individual for improper storage of a firearm and carrying a firearm on school property.

The Lexington Police and School Department emphasize their commitment to maintaining a secure environment for both students and staff across all district schools.

Authorities reported that at no point were students or staff exposed to immediate risk, nor were any threats posed during the incident.

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