Glover couple cited for disorderly conduct, man charged with possession of stolen property

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GLOVER — State Police responded to reports of an altercation on Sargent Lane on March 26 at about 4:41 p.m., resulting in two residents being cited for disorderly conduct and another for possession of stolen property.

According to authorities, Raymond Sweeney, 48, and Jessica Sweeney, 46, of Glover, were involved in the incident.

Following an investigation which included multiple interviews with those involved, State Police issued citations to the Sweeneys for violating local disorderly conduct statutes.

In the same incident, Nathan Cheney, 26, also of Glover, was found to be in possession of stolen property.

Cheney received a citation for the offense.

The State Police have not released further details about the nature of the altercation or the specifics of the stolen property.

The accused are scheduled to appear in court to answer the charges.

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