Sheldon Springs hydro facility hit by theft of equipment, diesel fuel

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SHELDON — Vermont State Police are investigating a larceny at the Sheldon Springs Hydro facility where a hydraulic winch and a significant amount of diesel fuel were reported stolen March 27.

According to authorities, the theft occurred sometime in March and was reported early Tuesday morning.

The missing equipment includes a 15,000-pound steel cable hydraulic winch, which was taken from the rear of a Case 570 LXT.

Additionally, approximately 25 gallons of diesel fuel were siphoned from a 55-gallon drum at the site on Shawville Road.

The facility, owned by Patriot Hydro, is now facing the repercussions of the theft, which could impact operations.

The Vermont State Police have not identified any suspects at this time and are seeking the public’s help.

Investigators are asking anyone with information about the theft to contact the St. Albans Field Station at 802-524-5993.

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