Rutland residents warned of jury duty scam calls

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RUTLAND — The Rutland County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning after receiving approximately 20 calls in the past two hours about scam attempts targeting local residents.

Authorities reported that one of the scams involves a caller impersonating a Lt.
James Kinley from the sheriff’s office.

The fraudulent caller, using the phone number 802-546-2557, falsely claims that the individual has missed jury duty and that there are two citations in their name.

The scammer then insists that sending money will resolve the citations.

In a separate ploy, scammers have been contacting young women, urging them to meet at a specific location to discuss a supposed missed court date.

The sheriff’s office has reminded the public that they do not ask for money transfers concerning missing jury duty and that any such requests are fraudulent.

Residents are encouraged to share this information to raise awareness about the ongoing scam operations.

Anyone with questions or concerns is advised to contact the Rutland County Sheriff’s Department directly at 802-775-8002.

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