NCUHS athletes earn top honors in basketball and hockey

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NEWPORT — Local high school athletes have achieved significant recognition in both basketball and hockey, showcasing their skills and dedication in league and statewide competitions.

In basketball, Sabine Brueck has been named Player of the Year, a prestigious accolade highlighting her exceptional performance throughout the season.

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Joining her in the All Capital Team is Haidin Chilafoux, who earned a spot on the 1st Team, and Maya Auger, who was selected for the 2nd Team. Hayden Boivin also received recognition with an Honorable Mention, marking a successful season for Newport’s basketball players.

The achievements extend to the hockey rink, where North Country Hockey All Stars made a significant impact.

Alex Giroux led the way with a 1st Team All State selection, demonstrating outstanding skill and leadership on the ice. His accomplishments were complemented by Zach Griffith, Jonathan Giroux, and Ben West, each receiving an All State Honorable Mention. Additionally, Isabel Gaudreau was honored with an All Lake Honorable Mention, highlighting her contributions to the team’s success.

These accolades reflect the hard work, talent, and dedication of Newport’s athletes, both on the basketball court and the hockey rink. Their achievements have brought pride to their teams and the community, setting a high standard for future players to aspire to.

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