Morristown fugitive captured thanks to community tips

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MORRISTOWN — A fugitive sought by local authorities was apprehended last evening in the Village of Hardwick, following numerous community tips that led to his location.

Kevin Fradette was taken into custody by members of both the Morristown and Hardwick Police Departments after he was found at a residence in Hardwick.

When approached by law enforcement, Fradette attempted to flee the scene, leading officers on a short foot chase through the streets of Dewey, Spring, Dale, Elm, and Wolcott before surrendering without further incident.

The successful capture of Fradette was due in part to the Morristown Police Department’s appeal to the public for information regarding his whereabouts.

The department offered a small reward of $62.39 worth of 87 Octane gasoline and a junior police officer sticker for the first credible tip they received.

Fradette, who expressed a desire to apologize to the community, his family, and friends for any trouble he caused, lamented not turning himself in earlier to claim the sticker.

In a gesture of rehabilitation, Fradette was provided with contacts for community service, and the police have pledged to follow up with the Department of Corrections on his behalf.

He was lodged at the St Johnsbury Correctional Facility on an outstanding Department of Corrections Arrest warrant and a Morristown Arrest Warrant.

The Morristown Police Department extended its gratitude to the community for their participation and support in this matter and reminded individuals with outstanding warrants to engage in dialogue with law enforcement on how to address their situations proactively.

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