Hingham senior loses $9,500 to grandparent scam

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HINGHAM — A 77-year-old Hingham resident was swindled out of $9,500 by fraudsters executing the “Grandparent Scam,” according to the Hingham Police Department.

The scam artists attempted to extract an additional $5,000 before the victim grew wary and contacted authorities.

On March 25, the elderly woman received a distressing phone call from an individual impersonating her grandson.

The caller claimed he had been involved in a car crash that injured a pregnant woman and urgently needed cash to pay for the woman’s hospital bills.

He implored his supposed grandmother to keep the matter secret from his parents and to provide him with $9,500 immediately.

Believing the story, the victim withdrew the money from a local bank.

A second call followed, this time from a man claiming to be a “federal agent” overseeing her grandson’s case.

He instructed her to conceal the cash in a bag, staple it shut, and wait for an agent to collect it from her residence.

Following his detailed instructions, the woman handed over the money to a female driver who arrived in a car matching the description she had been given.

The following day, the same alleged “federal agent” contacted her again, stating that the accident had resulted in a miscarriage and that lawyers were now involved, necessitating an additional $5,000 to cover further medical expenses.

Suspicions raised, the woman reached out to a family member, who advised her to call the police.

While an officer was at her home, the scammers continued to call.

The officer and the resident devised a plan to tell the caller that she had the additional money ready.

A vehicle described by the scammer soon arrived, and police officers, who had stayed close by, intercepted the driver.

It was determined that he had been hired through a ride-share app to transport a package out of state and was apparently unaware of the scam’s nature.

He was released without charges.

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