New Hampshire authorities seek public help to locate fugitive with violent history

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CONCORD — New Hampshire Department of Corrections launched a public appeal Wednesday to track down Jason William Chapman, named Fugitive of the Week, who is sought for parole violations and is known to have violent tendencies.

Chapman was last spotted in the Rochester area, officials said, urging the community to be on alert.

The public is advised not to approach or try to detain him due to the potential danger he poses.

Authorities are asking anyone with information about Chapman’s whereabouts to exercise caution and immediately contact the Department of Corrections at 603-271-1804, their local police department, or dial 911.

Officials have turned to social media with a #WantedWednesday campaign to amplify their reach in the hopes that community members will assist in locating Chapman and ensure he is apprehended safely and swiftly.

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections emphasized the importance of public assistance in these efforts but reiterated the importance of not taking enforcement actions into one’s own hands.

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