Marlborough police warn of Bitcoin machine scams targeting residents

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MARLBOROUGH — The Marlborough Police Department has issued a scam alert after multiple residents, including the elderly, were targeted by fraudsters using Bitcoin machines.

Over recent months, the department has investigated a series of incidents where scammers contacted individuals through phone calls and emails, falsely claiming the victims were involved in criminal activity.

The victims were then instructed to withdraw large amounts of cash from their banks while the scammers listened in on the transactions.

Following the bank withdrawals, the scammers directed the victims to deposit the cash into specific Bitcoin accounts through machines that operate similarly to ATMs. These machines convert cash into Bitcoin and transfer it to the designated digital “wallets.”

In one instance, police successfully intercepted and prevented a $20,000 deposit from an elderly person who was having trouble operating the Bitcoin machine.

The Marlborough Police Department urges the public to be vigilant and not fall prey to such scams.

They also encourage residents to educate their family members, friends, and neighbors, especially those who may not have access to social media, about the risks of such fraudulent schemes.

The community is advised to share this information widely to prevent further victimization.

If anyone suspects they have been targeted by this scam, they are urged to contact the Marlborough Police Department immediately.

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