East Haven police warn of lottery scam with fake $500,000 prize

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EAST HAVEN — The East Haven Police Department issued a scam alert to residents today after a local citizen reported receiving a fraudulent lottery letter claiming they had won a $500,000 prize.

The deceptive letter, purportedly from “Global Link Lottery Inc,” included a check supposedly covering taxes and fees associated with the prize.

Recipients were instructed to call a phone number to claim the remainder of their winnings.

The police emphasized that this is a scam, advising that if individuals did not enter a sweepstakes or purchase a lottery ticket, they did not win a lottery.

Authorities cautioned that the check, while appearing to be issued by a legitimate bank, is counterfeit.

Cashing such a check would leave the victim accountable for the lost funds when the bank determines its fraudulent nature.

The East Haven Police Department urges the community to remain vigilant, not to fall prey to such scams, and to report any suspicious activity.

They remind residents to stay safe and to be skeptical of unsolicited claims of lottery winnings.

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