Lowell man faces charges after dangerous call leads to firearm, drug bust

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LOWELL — A tense call for service on Tuesday prompted swift action by Lowell patrol officers and supervisors, leading to the arrest of an adult male on firearms and drug offenses.

The Lowell Police Department lauded their team’s response to the incident, which paved the way for detectives from the Criminal Investigations Bureau to conduct a thorough follow-up investigation.

The probe culminated in the execution of a search warrant in South Lowell, where the suspect was apprehended.

Details surrounding the nature of the initial call remain undisclosed, but the outcome of the subsequent investigation has resulted in the man facing serious charges.

The Lowell Police Department has reaffirmed its commitment to community safety and the diligence of its officers in responding to and investigating potentially dangerous situations.

The identity of the suspect has not been released pending formal charges.

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