Manchester police warn of scam involving fake arrest warrants

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MANCHESTER — Manchester Police Department has issued a scam alert to the community, cautioning residents against a fraudulent scheme where individuals are contacted by someone impersonating a law enforcement officer.

The scam involves a caller claiming to be a sworn officer from the Manchester Police, specifically using the name of Assistant Police Chief Peter Marr.

The impostor warns the targeted individual that they have outstanding warrants and threatens them with arrest.

According to the police, this is a common intimidation tactic used by scammers to extort money from victims.

In this recent wave of fraudulent activity, the phone calls appear to originate from the police department’s number, adding a deceptive layer of credibility to the scam.

Authorities have confirmed that no such calls are being made by the Manchester Police Department and urge the public to remain vigilant.

Residents are advised not to engage with the caller or provide any personal information.

Anyone who receives such a call or believes they may have fallen prey to this scam is encouraged to contact the Manchester Police Department directly at 603-668-8711 to report the incident.

The police also remind the community to be cautious of similar schemes and to reach out to law enforcement for verification if they ever have doubts about the legitimacy of a call purportedly from the police.

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