Fake calls impersonating Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department demand money

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MORRISTOWN — The Lamoille County Sheriff’s Department is alerting the public to a series of fraudulent phone calls where individuals are impersonating law enforcement officials and demanding money under the pretense of an outstanding warrant.

According to the sheriff’s department, the scammers have been calling local residents, claiming to be employees of the LCSD, and coercing them into paying money to avoid arrest.

The fraudulent callers have also been threatening individuals, advising them not to visit the sheriff’s office in person, as they would be arrested upon arrival.

Instead, they direct victims to send money directly, often via untraceable methods.

The department has emphasized that it does not solicit payment over the phone for warrants or any similar issues.

They urge anyone who receives such a call to not engage with the scammer and to report the incident to the Attorney General’s Fraud Hotline at 800-649-2424.

The public is reminded to remain vigilant and to protect their personal information from potential fraud.

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