Oxford police investigate mysterious doorbell ringing incidents

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OXFORD — Oxford Police Department is looking into a series of doorbell ringing disturbances that occurred in the early morning hours of March 23 after receiving reports from residents about the nocturnal interruptions.

According to authorities, the first report came in from a resident who was woken up by their doorbell ringing multiple times.

Officers responded immediately to the call but did not find anyone in the area.

Initially, the event seemed to be a singular occurrence.

However, later in the day, another resident contacted the police to report a similar experience.

They had not called the police during the night due to concerns about wasting department resources.

While incidents of this nature are typically regarded as minor, the Oxford Police Department emphasized their dedication to addressing all community concerns around the clock.

They encourage prompt reporting of any such disturbances, noting that it helps officers track potential suspects’ movements and increases the chances of identification.

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