North Hampton residents warned of ongoing phone scam

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NORTH HAMPTON — Multiple reports have emerged of an ongoing telephone scam targeting North Hampton residents, with some individuals having already fallen victim, according to the North Hampton Police Department.

The swindlers have been posing as officers and falsely claiming to represent a non-existent Civil Processing Unit.

The public is cautioned that the police department does not operate such a unit and does not issue threats of arrest for failure to appear at jury duty.

The con artists have varied their tactics, utilizing different phone numbers to execute their scheme.

Previously, calls were received from a number claiming to be an officer from the department, specifically from the phone number 603-486-0802.

The scam takes on two forms: voicemails left by a male voice claiming to be from the North Hampton Police Civil Litigation Department, which does not exist, and direct calls asserting that a lieutenant will follow up on an alleged legal issue.

The callback number provided on the second call, 603-964-8621, is actually the legitimate number of the North Hampton Police Department, but it is being spoofed— a technique where the caller disguises their real number to deceive the recipient.

Residents are advised not to return calls to the fraudulent number and to report any suspicious calls to the legitimate North Hampton Police Department at 603-964-8621.

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