Manchester man faces new charges for identity fraud

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MANCHESTER — A man previously arrested for drug and weapon possession is expected to be hit with new charges for identity fraud, officials from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced today.

Alfred Colon, 38, was apprehended during an enforcement operation on March 20 after failing to appear for a court date on Feb. 5.

Initially charged under the name of Jonathan Colon, further investigation and public assistance have led to the discovery that Alfred Colon had been using the false identity.

The Sheriff’s Office reported that since his first arrest in June, Colon had been arrested, jailed, and even appeared in court while knowingly assuming Jonathan Colon’s identity.

The mix-up continued until the recent arrest warrant was issued, still under the mistaken identity.

During the court appearance today, Colon was ordered to be held on $1,000 cash bail as he awaits the adjudication of the new charges.

The Sheriff’s Office has not yet released details on the specific charges pending against Colon.

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