Nearly 50 arrested in New Hampshire impaired driving crackdown

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CONCORD — New Hampshire’s Office of Highway Safety announced Monday that 49 individuals were arrested during a state-wide impaired driving enforcement initiative over St. Patrick’s Day weekend.

The crackdown, which took place from March 15 to March 17, saw nearly 1,000 vehicles pulled over by officers from 39 participating state, county, and local law enforcement agencies.

The arrests included 21 charges for Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

Officials said the initiative aimed to alter dangerous driving behavior by deterring and detecting impaired drivers.

Law enforcement stopped a total of 965 vehicles, resulting in 918 warnings and 106 summonses for various violations, including speeding, failure to move over for emergency vehicles, and reckless driving.

Officers also checked 513 child restraints during the stops.

In conjunction, NH State Liquor Enforcement, working with the NH Office of Highway Safety, conducted 75 premise inspections which led to 6 arrests for offenses such as fake identifications, unlawful possession of alcohol, and prohibited sales.

The agency also issued 6 administrative notices and 1 warning.

The state emphasizes the severe consequences of impaired driving, with penalties ranging from mandatory license suspension and a minimum $500 fine to possible jail time and felony charges.

New Hampshire law also requires an ignition interlock device and attendance at a driver education program for those convicted, leading to increased insurance rates.

In 2022, the NH Division of Motor Vehicles reported that 80% of the 137 deadly crashes on New Hampshire roads were alcohol and/or drug-related, resulting in 107 fatalities.

The final results of the St. Patrick’s Day weekend enforcement initiative may increase as more data from campaign participants becomes available.

Funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through grants issued by the NH Office of Highway Safety, the initiative reflects the state’s commitment to road safety and the efforts of law enforcement to remove impaired drivers from the road.

The NH Office of Highway Safety extended its gratitude to all participating agencies and to the public for choosing safe travel options during the holiday weekend.

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