Hubbardston school bus mishap leads to swamp-side evacuation

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HUBBARDSTON — A school bus carrying students from Hubbardston Center School became stuck in a swampy area off New Templeton Road on March 20 after attempting to pull over due to onboard disturbances.

Driver Loida Delgado reported that the trouble began when a few children on the bus started acting up.

In an attempt to manage the situation, Delgado pulled over to the side of the road, which unfortunately led to the bus sinking into soft ground at approximately 12:08 p.m.

As the bus settled at a precarious 45-degree angle, all 33 passengers were safely evacuated without injury.

Hubbardston Police and Fire Department units responded promptly to the scene, ensuring the safety of the students and aiding in the evacuation.

Parents were quickly informed about the incident, and some arrived to collect their children directly from the site.

The remaining students were transferred to another bus to complete their route.

Recovery of the stranded bus was handled by TJ’s and Sons Towing, based in Gardner.

The bus was extracted from the muddy embankment and towed to the company’s facility for assessment and repair.

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