Nashua police make multiple arrests for forgery, DUI and theft

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NASHUA — Three individuals have been arrested on separate charges including forgery, driving under the influence, and theft by deception, according to the Nashua Police Department.

Andrew Eastman, 36, of Nashua, was arrested on a felony warrant for forgery after an investigation into stolen checks from a local business revealed that he had deposited a fraudulent check for $1,850 into his own bank account.

Attempts to access these funds through Venmo and DraftKings were also linked to Eastman, along with another attempt to cash a check in a different jurisdiction.

Eastman has been released on Personal Recognizance bail and is scheduled for arraignment at the 9th Circuit Court on April 23 at 1 p.m.

In an unrelated incident, Aaron Lewis, 65, of Manchester, was arrested for operating under the influence after a traffic stop near West Hollis Street and Maple Street.

Lewis displayed signs of impairment, and a subsequent search revealed a loaded firearm, cocaine, and marijuana.

Given his status as a convicted felon and prior cocaine possession conviction, additional charges were filed.

Lewis was released on $290 cash bail and is set to be arraigned on March 28 at the 9th Circuit-District Division-Nashua Court.

Additionally, James Welcome, 40, of Andover, was arrested on a felony warrant for theft by deception with two prior convictions.

Welcome was identified as a suspect in two separate forgery cases reported by employees of Bellwether Community Credit Union and Enterprise Bank, respectively.

Video surveillance aided in his identification.

Welcome was released on Personal Recognizance bail and will also be arraigned on April 23 in the 9th Circuit-District Division-Nashua Court.

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