East Millinocket man faces firearms charges after arrest, search warrant reveals multiple weapons

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EAST MILLINOCKET — A local man was arrested on multiple charges including possession of a firearm by a prohibited person after law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at his residence in February.

On Feb. 12, officers from the East Millinocket Police Department arrested Brennen Waite, 49, of Millinocket at his home where they discovered he was under the influence of alcohol and in possession of a firearm, violating the conditions of his bail.

Waite had two active arrest warrants at the time of his apprehension.

According to the police, Ofc. Clayton and Ofc. Stevens located and arrested Waite, who was also charged with Violation of Bail.

He was transported to Penobscot County Jail following his arrest.

Subsequent investigations by Ofc. Clayton revealed that Waite had a criminal history that classified him as a felon, prompting the officer to obtain a search warrant for Waite’s residence.

On the next day, the East Millinocket Police Department executed the warrant, seizing multiple firearms and ammunition.

Following the search, Ofc. Clayton prepared an additional arrest warrant related to the seized items.

On March 19, Waite was taken into custody again and charged with Class C Possession of a Firearm by a Prohibited Person.

The charges come after a detailed investigation into Waite’s criminal activities and possession of illegal firearms.

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