Armed robbery suspects sought after 7-Eleven heist in South Windsor

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SOUTH WINDSOR — Police are on the lookout for three suspects involved in an early-morning armed robbery at a local 7-Eleven store on March 18.

Authorities say the trio arrived at the convenience store around 8 a.m. in a stolen vehicle, which has since been recovered by the police.

The driver, according to surveillance footage, backed the car up to the store’s front entrance and stayed inside, presumably to act as the getaway driver.

The other two suspects, both black males, were captured on camera dressed in black sweatpants and puffer jackets, with their hoods up and medical masks concealing their faces.

Upon entering the store, one of the men brandished a pistol equipped with an extended magazine clip and aimed it at the clerk.

Meanwhile, his accomplice leaped over the counter and seized the cash register.

The South Windsor Police Department is circulating this information to warn local businesses and ensure public safety.

They advise that anyone witnessing suspicious behavior, such as a vehicle reversing up to a storefront or individuals matching the suspects’ description, should immediately call 911 and lock their doors if they are nearby.

Store employees are urged not to resist in the event of a robbery and to comply with the criminals’ demands to ensure their own safety.

Detective Chris Poehnert of the South Windsor Police Department is leading the investigation.

The department is asking anyone with information related to the crime to contact Det. Poehnert at 860-648-6231.

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