Vermont State Police release misconduct investigation summaries

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WATERBURY — The Vermont Department of Public Safety and the State Police Advisory Commission today released the seventh semiannual summary of internal investigations into misconduct by Vermont State Police troopers.

The summary, covering incidents from Jan. 1 to June 30, includes 15 matters reviewed by the State Police Advisory Commission (SPAC).

The report demonstrates the department’s commitment to transparency and oversight while adhering to confidentiality rules for ongoing internal investigations.

According to the report, 11 of the incidents were reported internally by Vermont State Police members, and four were brought to supervisors’ attention through community reports.

Out of the 15 cases, 11 troopers were found to have violated department policies, while three were cleared of any wrongdoing.

Four troopers resigned before the conclusion of the investigation process.

The types of incidents detailed in the report range from violations of the Vehicle Pursuit Policy to allegations of criminal conduct, unbecoming conduct, a negligent firearm discharge, and issues related to court processes and searches.

While the report omits identifying information about the troopers involved due to legal confidentiality, the summary provides insight into the nature of the incidents and the department’s response.

SPAC, established in 1979, consists of seven members appointed by the governor with the Vermont Senate’s advice and consent.

The commission serves as a civilian oversight body for the Vermont State Police and advises the Commissioner of Public Safety on management and disciplinary matters.

The Department of Public Safety’s Office of Internal Investigations, led by a Vermont State Police commander, is tasked with investigating misconduct allegations against state troopers.

The public may report misconduct via phone, the Vermont State Police website, email, or in person, while VSP members are required to report any witnessed or alleged misconduct.

The Department of Public Safety ensures that serious allegations undergo formal internal affairs investigations, while less severe issues are handled at the station or unit level.

After an internal investigation, disciplinary actions are determined by the Commissioner and reviewed by SPAC.

The report’s release aligns with Vermont law, which mandates the confidentiality of internal investigations, with synopses being the extent of publicly available information.

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