Belfast Area High School warns of fundraising scam for sports cards

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BELFAST — Local authorities and school officials issued a scam alert Wednesday after reports that individuals received emails and text messages claiming to fundraise for spring sports cards on behalf of Belfast Area High School.

The school district confirmed that no such fundraising campaign is underway and that any communications suggesting otherwise are not legitimate.

The scam involves attempts to solicit money from residents for sports cards that do not exist.

Residents who have received such emails or text messages are urged to disregard them and not to provide any personal information or money.

The school and law enforcement are investigating the source of the scam and are asking anyone with information to come forward.

Officials remind the public to be vigilant about unsolicited requests for donations and to verify the legitimacy of any fundraiser by contacting the organization directly.

The school district also plans to send out a notice to parents and the community to raise awareness about this scam.

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