Barnstead police to conduct major search for missing woman

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BARNSTEAD — Barnstead Police Department has announced a major search operation this weekend for Ashley Turcotte, a young woman who has been missing since January.

In preparation for the search, Barnstead residents will receive two reverse 911 calls on Friday, March 15.

One call is scheduled for the morning and another in the afternoon, to alert the community about the upcoming operation.

Local, state, county, and federal agencies are coordinating a thorough search of wooded areas across the town on Saturday, March 16, and Sunday, March 17.

Authorities are informing the public not to be alarmed if they observe individuals walking through the woods, on private properties, or notice multiple vehicles parked in atypical locations, as these may be members of the search teams.

Residents who see people in the woods and are concerned they might not be part of the search effort are encouraged to call the police at (603) 269-8100.

A patrol unit will be dispatched to investigate.

The public is also urged to check sheds, outbuildings, vehicles, or any potential shelters on their property for clues that might lead to finding Turcotte.

As official search teams will be in action, the police strongly advise against citizens forming their own search groups, seeking to maximize the efficiency and safety of the operation.

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