Holyoke police seize heroin, crack cocaine, and illegal firearm

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HOLYOKE — Officers responding to a disturbance call at 138 Sargeant St. early Thursday morning discovered a scene of disarray and apparent drug activity, leading to the arrest of a 25-year-old man.

Upon arrival at approximately 12:08 a.m., Newport police found the apartment in chaos with items strewn about.

Their attention was drawn to visible narcotics packaging while speaking to the occupants.

A subsequent search revealed numerous bundles of suspected heroin, vials of crack cocaine, and a firearm equipped with an extended magazine and a switch converting it to fully automatic.

Israel Jimenez, the 25-year-old suspect with two prior firearms convictions, was taken into custody.

He faces multiple charges, including possession of Class A and Class B drugs, possession of a large-capacity firearm without a permit, improper storage of a large-capacity firearm, malicious destruction of property, and possession of a machine gun.

Jimenez is also awaiting trial for Reckless Endangerment of a child.

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