Woman with knife arrested after attempted ‘suicide by cop’ in Plymouth

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PLYMOUTH — A woman was taken into custody Wednesday after allegedly calling 911 and falsely reporting that a woman with a knife was trying to kill her, in what police say was an attempt at “suicide by cop.”

At approximately 11:14 a.m. on March 13, Plymouth police received a 911 call from a West Plymouth residence that was quickly disconnected.

A short time later, a second call came in from the same location, with a female caller claiming a woman armed with a knife was in her yard attempting to kill her before the caller hung up.

Officer Michael Curley was the first to arrive on the scene and found the woman holding a knife in the driveway.

As he attempted to engage her in dialogue, the woman stood up and began advancing towards him with the knife extended.

Officer Curley retreated to his cruiser and backed down the rural dirt road as the woman pursued him before stopping in the middle of the road.

Further attempts at communication revealed that the woman was the original 911 caller and had described herself as a dangerous killer to dispatchers.

The woman repeatedly yelled at officers to shoot her as she continued to advance towards the busy Federal Furnace Road.

The arrival of Officer Torrance halted the woman’s progress, and he attempted to de-escalate the situation by offering assistance from a clinician present in his cruiser.

The woman charged at Officer Torrance, who successfully deployed his Taser, causing her to drop the knife.

After a brief struggle, officers were able to take the woman into custody.

The woman was transported to BID Plymouth hospital under police guard for a mandatory mental health evaluation.

The investigation is ongoing, and a determination regarding criminal charges will be made at a later date.

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