4-year-old girl rescued after climbing tree in Quincy

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QUINCY — A 4-year-old girl was safely rescued by first responders after she climbed a tree approximately 10 feet high in an attempt to get “closer to the sun” on Tuesday morning.

The Quincy Police Department, along with Brewster Ambulance and the Quincy Fire Department, responded to a residence in the Wollaston Hill area after receiving a call from the girl’s mother reporting that her daughter had climbed a tree and become stuck.

Upon arrival, Officers Yee and Smith found the child about 10 feet in the air, scared but seemingly uninjured.

The girl had reportedly snuck away from her mother for a few minutes before climbing the tree.

Under the command of Captain Sean Gillan, firefighters from the Wollaston Fire Station (Engine 4 & Ladder 2) quickly and safely removed the child from the tree.

The mother praised the teamwork of the first responders involved in the rescue.

Officer Cameron Smith, a former music teacher, sang songs with the young girl and gave her Junior Officer badge stickers to help calm her down after the incident.

Authorities confirmed that the child was not in danger of coming into contact with cable lines, despite the appearance of the photos taken at the scene.

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