Littleton police seek public’s help in identifying individuals in photos

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LITTLETON — The Littleton Police Department is asking for the public’s assistance in identifying one or more individuals captured in photos that the department has released.

Authorities are urging anyone who recognizes themselves or others in the images to refrain from commenting publicly and instead contact the department directly.

The images have been circulated for informational purposes, and the presence of individuals in the photos does not imply any criminal charges or declarations of guilt or innocence.

The Littleton Police Department emphasizes that the individuals might not necessarily be subjects of a criminal investigation.

Members of the community who have any relevant information are encouraged to send a private message to the Littleton Police Department or to call 603-444-7711, extension 2, during business hours.

The department has stressed the importance of privacy and discretion in this matter, requesting that all communications regarding the identification of the individuals be conducted privately.

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