Bellingham police warn of scam calls impersonating officers

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BELLINGHAM — Bellingham Police have issued a warning about an increase in scam calls within the community, with scammers posing as law enforcement officials to obtain banking information from residents.

According to authorities, the con artists are falsely identifying themselves as representatives of the Bellingham Police Department and are attempting to solicit sensitive financial details over the phone.

The department has clarified that under no circumstances would they request personal banking information via unsolicited calls.

Residents are being advised that if they receive a call that seems suspicious or unexpected, particularly one that asks for personal or financial data, they should not disclose any information.

The recommended course of action is to hang up immediately or to avoid answering calls from unknown numbers.

The police emphasize that the safety and security of the community are of utmost importance and urge everyone to remain vigilant against such fraudulent activities.

Citizens who encounter such calls are encouraged to report them to the Bellingham Police Department to help prevent further scams.

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