Pittsfield man arrested on drug trafficking charges

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PITTSFIELD — A 19-year-old Pittsfield man was arrested on drug trafficking charges Wednesday after police found a large quantity of suspected heroin and crack cocaine hidden in his pants during a traffic stop.

Quran Taft was charged with possession to distribute heroin, trafficking 18-36 grams of drugs, resisting arrest, and assault and battery on a police officer.

He was held overnight and arraigned in court Wednesday morning.

Officers from the Anti-crime unit were conducting a motor vehicle stop in the Morningside area early Tuesday afternoon when they discovered the driver had an outstanding warrant.

During the arrest, officers found a small amount of suspected crack cocaine in the center console.

While patting down Taft, who was a front passenger, he became confrontational as officers searched around his waistband.

Taft physically resisted the officers’ attempts to continue the pat down, leading them to handcuff him for their safety.

A more thorough search revealed the suspected heroin and crack cocaine hidden in Taft’s pants.

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