117 motorists stopped, 78 citations issued in Seacoast raffic enforcement

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PORTSMOUTH — On Wednesday, members of the New Hampshire State Police worked simultaneously with the Maine State Police along Interstate 95 throughout both states.

Between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m., an increased presence on the highway worked to enforce, educate, and eliminate dangerous driving behaviors.

During the designated hours, New Hampshire Troopers stopped 117 motorists and issued 78 citations for various violations.

One driver was arrested for driving without a license, and 13 commercial motor vehicles were stopped with 4 drivers being placed out of service.

In total, between both States, a total of 273 vehicles were stopped and 180 citations were issued to those drivers. 46 commercial vehicles were inspected along the Interstate.

Five drivers and 15 trucks were placed out of service. 2 drivers were arrested.

As the weather begins to change and warmer weather becomes regular, the New Hampshire State Police would like to remind the public that courteous and mindful driving is necessary.

Observation of traffic laws is necessary and designed to support your travels.

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