Boston police warn of paving contractor fraud targeting seniors

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BOSTON — The Boston Police Department is warning residents, particularly seniors, about a home improvement scam involving international travelers posing as paving contractors.

In past years, Boston residents have lost tens of thousands of dollars to scammers offering masonry, driveway paving, chimney, basement, roofing, and fence repair services. The scammers often leave properties with worse damage or little to no improvement.

Tactics used by these scammers include door-to-door solicitation with flyers bearing uninspired business names, offering discounts for “left over materials” from neighborhood jobs, high-pressure sales tactics, and asking for checks to be made out to individuals rather than company names.

Many of the scammers are traveling from Ireland and the United Kingdom under a program that does not allow them to work during their 90-day visit. The companies are often not registered with the city or state and may have recently established websites.

Residents are advised to view any unknown person approaching them about home improvement work as a potential scammer.

Those who believe they have been victimized should contact their local police district and provide as much information as possible, including vehicle and license plate details.

The police department reminds residents to obtain at least two estimates from reputable companies that carry appropriate insurance and licenses, apply for necessary permits, and provide references and coverage for their work upon completion.

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