NEK Broadband expands service in Northeast Kingdom, adds 400 new addresses

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PEACHAM — NEK Broadband announced the expansion of its high-speed internet service to over 400 potential customers in Barnet, Peacham, Walden, and Danville. The expansion, part of the ongoing effort to bring universal internet access to Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom, involves the installation of 100 miles of new network infrastructure.

The recent addition of a key electronics cabinet, known as an Optical Line Termination (OLT), at the Peacham Fire Department, marks a significant step in the expansion. This technology plays a crucial role in directing internet signals to users. Christa Shute, Executive Director of NEK Broadband, expressed gratitude to the Peacham Fire Department for housing the OLT, stating that volunteers and board members have been instrumental in the project’s progress.

This latest expansion follows the addition of 182 addresses in February. NEK Broadband’s fiber-optic network offers significant advantages over satellite services, including immunity to weather-related disruptions and no data caps, allowing multiple users to enjoy robust speeds without limitations.

The expansion of internet service in the Northeast Kingdom is likened to the historical introduction of electricity to rural areas a century ago. While the complete rollout is expected to take years, the current progress marks a significant milestone towards achieving digital equity in the region.

Access to high-speed internet is seen as essential for education, business networking, healthcare, and social resources, contributing to personal opportunities and the regional economy.

NEK Broadband plans to continue extending its service to new areas throughout the year.

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