Massachusetts bomb squad safely disposes of deteriorated military projectile found in Charles River

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NEEDHAM — Two members of the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad were called to Kendrick Street on Friday to investigate a piece of military ordnance discovered in the Charles River by an individual engaged in magnet fishing.

Needham Police had secured the area by the time Sgt.

Paul Horgan and Trooper Scott Irish arrived at the scene around 6:30 p.m. The object, approximately 12 inches long and 4 inches in diameter, was found on the sidewalk of the Kendrick Street bridge over the river.

Upon visual inspection, the Bomb Squad determined the ordnance was a severely deteriorated military projectile that required disposal.

Needham Police and Firefighters worked together to locate a suitable disposal site.

The projectile was safely transported to the disposal site, where the MSP Bomb Squad members countercharged and disposed of it without incident.

The State Police Bomb Squad, a part of the Department’s Fire and Explosives Investigation Unit, routinely responds to calls to assess and neutralize suspicious or hazardous items.

The unit operates out of the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services and assists agencies like Needham Firefighters – Local 1706 and the Needham Police Department in ensuring public safety.

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