Springfield police seize machine gun, drugs, and cash with 9 arrested

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SPRINGFIELD — Authorities in Springfield made nine arrests and seized a machine gun, significant quantities of heroin and cocaine, and thousands of dollars in cash during a coordinated enforcement operation conducted early Friday morning.

The Springfield Police Firearms Investigation Unit (FIU) and the Massachusetts State Police CINRET West Unit executed a search warrant on the 900 block of Liberty Street following an extensive drug probe.

This action resulted in three arrests and the confiscation of over 150 grams of cocaine, a machine gun, and another firearm.

In a related effort, search warrants were carried out at residences on the 100 block of Marion Street and the 1500 block of Carew Street.

The operation, which also involved the Springfield Police Emergency Services Unit (ESU) and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department under Captain Brian Keenan’s direction, led to six additional arrests.

Law enforcement recovered 182 bags of heroin, 184 capsules of cocaine weighing approximately 34 grams, and $4,245 in cash.

At approximately 5:40 a.m., Vicente Solano, 49, Johanna Melendez, 36, and Juan Reyes, 47, were taken into custody at the Marion Street location.

They face multiple charges, including cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to violate drug laws.

Shortly after at 5:45 a.m., Alexander Hernandez, 53, Anthony Santana-Merced, 40, and Rafael Febres-Rivera, 39, were arrested in the Carew Street home.

Their charges range from cocaine trafficking to possession with the intent to distribute.

The final arrests occurred at around 6:25 a.m. on Liberty Street, where Luis Clemente, 45, Carlos Collazo, 35, and Joselyn Collazo, 38, were apprehended.

Carlos Collazo’s charges are particularly severe, including cocaine trafficking between 100-200 grams, possession of a loaded machine gun, and various firearms offenses.

The operation marks a significant crackdown on drug and firearm-related crimes in the Springfield area, with the authorities sending a strong message regarding their stance on illegal activities.

The nine individuals arrested are currently being processed and will face charges in court.

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