Police dog Eamon helps officer extinguish roadside fire in Plymouth

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PLYMOUTH — A vigilant police duo, Officer Lapollo and his comfort dog Eamon, became local heroes Friday afternoon after they tackled a blaze on Route 3 before the fire department arrived.

While driving down the route, Officer Lapollo noticed an unusual amount of smoke and flames erupting from the median strip.

Without hesitation, he called the fire department and began combating the fire with a fire extinguisher.

As the situation intensified, Lapollo resorted to stamping out the flames with his boots, which began to melt from the heat.

As Lapollo grew weary, support came from an unexpected source.

Eamon, from within the police cruiser, barked urgently, signaling his eagerness to assist.

Understanding the dog’s cues, Lapollo released Eamon, who had apparently consumed a significant amount of Mountain Dew during lunch.

The quick-thinking canine surveyed the scene and urinated on the remaining embers, successfully dousing the fire.

The fire department arrived just in time to witness the unconventional fire-fighting method.

Eamon was rewarded with treats and shared celebratory ‘high paws’ with the firefighters.

The duo’s efforts prevented further damage, showcasing their dedication and quick response.

This incident comes on the heels of reports that the fire department had shown interest in recruiting Eamon for their team.

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