Bystander aids in capture of South Boston bank robbery suspect

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BOSTON — A quick-acting bystander played a key role in the apprehension of a bank robbery suspect in South Boston on Wednesday morning.

At approximately 11:18 a.m., Miriam Dealmeida, 38, of Boston, was arrested by officers from District C-6 following an unarmed robbery at a bank on 501 Southampton St. Authorities responded to the bank’s alarm and were informed by staff that the robbery had just taken place.

The suspect, a white female around 5 feet tall, was seen wearing a black hoodie, blue jeans, and a white surgical mask while fleeing the scene.

As officers broadcasted her description, a vigilant bystander on Father Songin Way flagged them down, holding a woman matching the suspect’s appearance.

The bystander reported seeing the suspect sprinting from the bank’s parking lot, with red smoke billowing from her sweatshirt pocket.

He chased her from Boston St towards Andrew Station, eventually detaining her on Dorchester Ave and alerting a nearby sergeant.

Dealmeida has been charged with unarmed bank robbery and may face additional charges related to another incident earlier the same day at the East West Bank on 68 Kneeland St.

She is slated for arraignment at South Boston District Court.

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