Southborough officer rescues driver as car bursts into flames

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SOUTHBOROUGH — A local newspaper delivery took a dangerous turn early this morning when a car began to smoke and swiftly caught fire on Chestnut Hill Rd.

The incident occurred at 3:30 a.m. as the driver, whose identity has not been disclosed, was on their daily route.

Miraculously, Officer Frank Urbani happened upon the scene before the fire was reported to Southborough Dispatch.

According to authorities, the vehicle was dangerously close to a nearby residence when it ignited.

Officer Urbani’s timely arrival allowed for the Southborough Fire Department to be notified immediately.

Firefighters responded to the call and managed to extinguish the blaze promptly, averting potential disaster.

Following the fire department’s swift action, Ted’s Towing removed the charred remnants of the vehicle.

Remarkably, the operator escaped the incident without injury.

The cause of the vehicle fire is currently under investigation, but this morning’s events serve as a reminder of the ever-present danger of car fires and the importance of quick response by emergency services.

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