Medford man’s life saved by quick-acting bystanders, police

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MEDFORD — A Medford man owes his life to the swift actions of two passersby and responding police officers after collapsing on a city sidewalk Sunday morning.

At approximately 9:40 a.m., a 911 call was placed to the Medford Emergency Communications Center by a woman who, along with her husband, witnessed the man collapse while they were out for a walk.

The couple immediately provided medical aid and began performing CPR upon realizing the man had stopped breathing.

Officer Rikki Raymond was the first to arrive at the scene and took over chest compressions.

Officers Rich Iozza and Amanda Mannke joined shortly after and were able to use the man’s cell phone to identify him.

They promptly contacted his fiancé to apprise her of his condition.

Armstrong Ambulance personnel arrived shortly thereafter, assuming medical care and transporting the man to Mass General Hospital.

The timely intervention of the bystanders and police officers was pivotal in saving the man’s life.

He was able to call the station later that day to express his gratitude to all involved in the life-saving effort.

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