Worcester man arrested for vehicle break-in

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WORCESTER — A Worcester man was arrested early on Feb. 24 after police say he attempted to break into a vehicle.

At about 2:24 a.m., a Worcester police officer parked in the Girl’s Inc parking lot on Providence Street noticed two individuals in dark clothing and ski masks.

The suspects were seen opening the door of a gray Jeep, triggering the vehicle’s alarm.

Upon the alarm sounding, the individuals started walking away quickly and crossed the street upon noticing the officer’s cruiser.

The officer located 18-year-old Albert Kariuki on Heywood Street and activated his cruiser’s blue lights.

While the officer was speaking with Kariuki about the incident, Kariuki mentioned he was with a friend named “Lenny,” who was not found at the scene.

Additional police units arrived, and after further investigation, Kariuki was placed under arrest and charged with breaking and entering into a motor vehicle during the nighttime.

The status of the second suspect and any potential additional charges are not known at this time.

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