Southbridge police arrest two after accidental shooting, firearm recovery

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SOUTHBRIDGE — Police arrested two Southbridge residents on charges related to an accidental shooting and subsequent recovery of a firearm involved in the incident.

Officers and detectives were dispatched to a Union Street apartment on Monday after reports that a shot had been fired from a third-floor unit into a bedroom on the second floor.

The suspects from the third floor had fled before police arrived.

Initially, police recovered 27 rounds of 9mm ammunition and one spent casing but did not find the firearm.

Further investigation led the authorities to High Street, where they established a perimeter around an apartment building.

Azani Kelley, 19, was observed throwing a trash bag from the third-floor apartment.

The bag contained a 9mm handgun believed to be the one involved in the Union Street incident.

Kelley, of 109 High Street, and Jonathan L. Rogers, 23, of 15 Union Street, both from Southbridge, were arrested and charged with possession of a large capacity firearm and magazine, unlawful possession of ammunition, and obstruction of justice.

Kelley was held on $2,540 cash bail, while Rogers’s bail was set at $5,040.

Both were arraigned in Dudley District Court on Tuesday.

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