Dudley police seek ID of second suspect in storage facility break-in

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DUDLEY — Authorities are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the second suspect involved in a recent break-in at a local storage facility.

The Dudley Police Department released a surveillance photo featuring two males, and the individual on the left has since been apprehended.

Officials are now focused on identifying the other male depicted in the image.

The break-in, which has led to ongoing investigations, prompted a call to action from law enforcement.

Investigating Officers John Glowacki and Sergeant Boyd are leading the inquiries into the incident.

Residents with any information pertinent to the case are urged to contact the Dudley Police Department directly at 508-943-4411.

The department emphasizes that names or tips should not be shared in public forums or comments but communicated directly to the authorities.

As the search for the second suspect continues, the Dudley Police Department expresses gratitude for any assistance from the community that could lead to a resolution in the case.

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