Winthrop officer saves choking infant after CPR training

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WINTHROP — In a remarkable turn of events, a Winthrop Police officer saved a choking infant’s life on Tuesday, Feb. 20, mere moments after he completed a CPR refresher course.

At around 11:09 a.m., both the Winthrop Police and Fire Departments received a frantic 911 call alerting them to a 1-month-old baby in distress at a residence on Sunset Road.

Responding without delay, Winthrop Police Officer Robert Jaworski, with 30 years of service under his belt, was the first to reach the scene.

Fresh from his recently concluded CPR training, Officer Jaworski effectively employed his skills and swiftly cleared the obstruction from the baby’s throat, restoring the child’s breathing.

Subsequently, the infant, accompanied by a parent, was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital for further care and observation.

Fire Chief Scott Wiley lauded Officer Jaworski’s actions, stating, “Officer Jaworski’s immediate reaction and execution of back thrusts on the unresponsive infant were nothing less than extraordinary, and without a doubt, were key to protecting the baby’s life.”

Police Chief Terence Delehanty echoed the praise, commending Jaworski’s professionalism, bravery, and expertise during the emergency. ”

Winthrop is incredibly lucky to have such devoted and caring first responders like Officer Jaworski on our team, vigilantly guarding our community and ensuring the safety of our people,” Chief Delehanty remarked.

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