Scituate police warn residents of fraudulent fundraising letters

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SCITUATE — The Scituate Police Department issued a warning Tuesday about fraudulent mailers soliciting donations for a “Scituate Area Police” Emergency Bulletproof Vest Project, clarifying that the department is not affiliated with the campaign and is not fundraising for body armor.

Residents have reported receiving letters asking for contributions to support the local police with bulletproof vests.

However, the Scituate Police Department has confirmed that every officer is already equipped with a body armor vest, funded by the department with assistance from the federal government.

Authorities noted that the United States Deputy Sheriff’s Organization, mentioned in the solicitations, may be a legitimate entity, but it is very unlikely that the Scituate Police Department would benefit from its campaigns.

The police are particularly concerned about the elderly, who are often targeted by such fraudulent solicitations.

They are urging the community to communicate with older relatives and neighbors to ensure they are aware of the scam and do not fall victim to these deceptive practices.

Residents are encouraged to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious mailers to the Scituate Police Department for investigation.

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