Sudbury police investigate rash of car break-ins in Pine Lakes neighborhood

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SUDBURY — Police are investigating more than 20 reports of car break-ins that occurred in the early hours of Feb. 18, and possibly late Feb. 17, in the Pine Lakes neighborhood off Hudson Road.

The string of incidents came to the attention of the Sudbury Police Department after residents woke up to find their vehicles had been entered.

Police are still determining the full extent of the thefts and any potential damage to the vehicles.

Authorities are urging residents who may have security camera footage from the hours of darkness on the night of the break-ins to review their recordings for any suspicious activity.

Anyone with footage or who witnessed unusual behavior is asked to contact the Sudbury Police Department at (978) 443-1042.

The Sudbury Police Department is also reminding citizens of the importance of securing their vehicles and homes.

In a community known for its safety, some residents may have a false sense of security that leads them to leave their cars and homes unlocked.

Officials stress that even though perpetrators typically search for unlocked vehicles, valuables left in plain sight can tempt thieves to break in forcibly.

The police department is calling on the community to take preventive measures by always locking their vehicles and homes, and by not leaving valuables in cars, especially where they can be easily seen.

The investigation is ongoing, and the Sudbury Police Department appreciates residents’ cooperation in both safeguarding their property and assisting with the current case.

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