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This letter was submitted by Charlie Pronto, former Mayor of Newport City.

Dear voters of Newport City,

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It is time to turn the page in Newport. This election is extremely important to get Newport City back on track. There are 2 seats for City Council to be voted on. I believe our new mayor is doing her best to move Newport forward but is getting push back from some of the old guard that wants the same old divisive policies. We have the opportunity to change that with this vote.

I feel strongly that we need new blood on the council. People who are willing and able to help Newport move forward. I am disappointed with the what has been happening at council meetings the past year. I have seen a lack of willingness to work with our new mayor from one member and another being influenced by past council people with an axe to grind. Fortunately, we have 2 great candidates stepping up that will work towards that goal. Neither have an axe to grind or personal agenda. Both have a commitment to our community and a background to support that goal. I am asking you to support Laurie Grimm and Rick Ufford-Chase for City council.

Laurie attends almost every council meeting and she is totally aware of what Newport City needs going forward. She has served our community in many ways for a lot of years. She has extensive background dealing with community affairs, she has a great business sense and a strong handle on economics. Also she will be supportive of the new mayor’s agenda to move Newport from a pass thru community to a go to city. Laurie understands the budget and will be a wonderful asset helping our city get the best for our buck. I have talked with her a lot the past few years. I think she has the experience, the ability and the right attitude for our City.

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Rick Ufford-Chase is the director of Newport City Downtown Development. His goal is to make Newport the social and economic center for the NEK. He has pledged to work with the new mayor, with a cooperative spirit, to make Newport vibrant again. In November Rick presented to the City Council an amazing outline of things he has helped develop to bring business to Newport. I was totally impressed and reached out to Rick to say this is exactly the kind of things we need to move Newport forward. He will bring the right kind of attitude to the city council that is so desperately needed these days. Rick is 100% dedicated to move Newport forward. He understands budgets, business and has a history of working together as a team.

We all want to see the City Council working together again. The divisive political environment the new mayor walked into needs to end. City Council meetings need to be pleasant and productive. This requires a team willing to work together for the benefit of the community.

I believe Laurie Grimm and Rick Ufford-Chase are the two candidates that will make that happen.

Please Vote for them both. Thank You

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