Manchester enforcement operation nets ten arrests in fugitive crackdown

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MANCHESTER — An intensive enforcement operation conducted by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office in the city center resulted in the arrest of ten individuals over the course of five hours earlier this week.

The operation aimed to capture fugitives who had outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court or for violations of bail or supervision conditions.

The Sheriff’s Office was supported by the Manchester Police and the NH Department of Corrections Probation and Parole in this effort.

Among those arrested was Jason Keno, 40, on a warrant from the Hillsborough County Superior Court Northern District for a probation violation.

Keno is currently being held without bail at the Hillsborough County Department of Corrections.

Brittney Webster, 33, was apprehended on a warrant for failing to appear in relation to methamphetamine possession charges, as well as additional charges including theft and loitering.

Webster is also held without bail at the county facility.

Nicholas Santana, 33, was taken into custody on a Grafton County Superior Court warrant for a missed probation hearing and is similarly held without bail.

Joshua Caswell, 32, saw his arrest on charges of breaching bail conditions and possession of fentanyl, among others, and is being held without bail.

Edward Meehan, 36, was arrested for failing to appear but was released on personal recognizance, while Robert Jacques, 40, transferred to the Manchester Police Department following his arrest on their warrant.

Christian Capener, 54, was detained on charges including possession of methamphetamine and is held without bail, alongside Briana Lewis, 30, who was arrested for fentanyl possession and related charges.

Christopher Wilson, 41, was taken into custody on multiple charges, including drug-related offenses and assault.

He is being held at the county corrections on a $150 cash bail.

Lastly, Anthony Santos, 45, was arrested for theft and was released on personal recognizance.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office and partnering agencies continue to prioritize public safety by targeting those who evade the judicial system.

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