Two arrested on firearm charges after Dorchester disturbance call

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BOSTON — Officers from District C-11 arrested Shawquan Jackson, 34, and Keemony McKinney, 22, on Thursday morning following a disturbance that led to firearm charges.

At about 5:32 a.m., police responded to reports of individuals ringing doorbells near 43 Alpha Rd.

Upon arrival, officers encountered Jackson and McKinney, who claimed to be residents of the area.

Their claim was soon questioned by law enforcement.

The situation escalated when officers heard a thud and observed the suspects acting suspiciously.

McKinney was seen leaning over by the front door, where a black doormat lay.

Officers checked under the doormat, finding a silver firearm and detaining both suspects.

Jackson and McKinney were charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, ammunition, and a loaded firearm.

Jackson, who has been previously convicted, received an additional charge for his fourth offense of unlawful firearm possession.

The suspects are set to be arraigned at Dorchester District Court.

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