Concord woman charged with attempted assault on teen

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CONCORD — A Concord woman is facing felony charges after allegedly attempting to slash a teenager with a knife during a December incident recorded on video, authorities said.

The altercation took place on Dec. 30 at an apartment in the Royal Gardens complex.

Police responded to a 911 call, which abruptly disconnected after a woman’s screams for help and a request for police intervention were heard.

Upon arrival, officers took control of the scene and initially arrested the teenager on domestic violence charges based on the woman’s accusations.

However, the teen claimed innocence and presented a cellphone video as evidence.

The video reportedly shows Jacqueline Ishimwe, 24, of Royal Gardens, threatening the teen with a large kitchen knife.

As the teen tried to retreat, Ishimwe is seen making stabbing and slashing motions.

The teen’s cries of “She’s stabbing me” are audible on the recording, according to the affidavit.

An officer’s report describes Ishimwe lunging at the teenager and attempting to stab him multiple times, with one thrust allegedly making contact with the teen’s cellphone.

A young child is also seen in the background of the video, crying as the events unfold.

Ishimwe is heard speaking in Kinyarwanda while holding her own phone, then walking back to the kitchen.

Ishimwe told officers she had been cutting potatoes when the teen, who she claimed was intoxicated and prone to violence, entered the apartment and insulted her.

She alleged that the teen threatened to punch her stomach and harm her unborn child, leading her to arm herself with the knife.

Court records indicate the teen has been involved in numerous incidents since July last year, including several alcohol-related charges.

The knife was seized, and further investigation included interviews with the teen and Ishimwe.

The teen accused Ishimwe of becoming irate and attacking him, prompting him to start recording the incident.

A warrant for Ishimwe’s arrest was issued on Dec. 31, and she was charged with two counts of attempted first-degree assault-domestic violence and two counts of attempted first-degree assault, all felonies.

Ishimwe was apprehended the same day.

Following her arraignment on Feb. 1, Ishimwe was released on personal recognizance and is scheduled for a dispositional conference in Merrimack County Superior Court on April 1.

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